Let’s face it, Las Vegas is iconic for quick in and out visits that are marked by wild times and long stories later. Las Vegas is also famous for a stunning growth rate in population. New home builds and apartment buildings sprung up all around the Strip until Henderson and Boulder city miles from Las Vegas were connected to the once isolated Strip.

All of this growth means one thing to a new or used home owner and business owner. You will either have a hard time finding flooring and carpet or you will be awashed in sea of carpet stores depending on what part of the building cycle you find yourself in. Carpet is almost always plentiful in the Desert oasis of Las Vegas so you want to find your own Las Vegas Carpet Flooring Center that can give you the selection and the discount price you’ll be hunting down.

You can thank the casinos for the great carpet deals in Vegas. Due to the transient nature of the non settle population of Las Vegas.  The swell of folks falling under the spell of Magical Las Vegas give rise to broken dreams and pulled out pockets leaving the city.  A property mangers job in town is to almost constantly replace flooring and carpet in their Las Vegas Apartments and condos.  Add to this the homes which were bought in real estate speculation of the rising star of Las Vegas as a Real estate boom town only to see fortunes crashed and broken to pieces when the bubble bursted.

Find your own way down the Strip and head out of the casinos and you’ll find the the real Las Vegas small businesses lining Las Vegas Avenue. Here you’ll find the small mom and pop home improvement stores. It’s here Las Vegasians think outside of the big box stores to get the service they want at the same or better prices. Plus supporting small business who almost always work harder for you to keep their reputation stellar. Simply  they want to retain a customer for a life time of purchases.

Tips to Find Great Las Vegas Carpet Companies

  • Finding great carpet can be a matter of driving all day from store to store or looking for some sign posts in your deductive carpet hunting to really make the winner stand out. These sign post can be.
  • How long have they been in businesses.
  • Number of employees you see and how busy do they look
  • Do you see contractors at the store too. This can be a great sign if they can sell at wholesale prices and thrive they can sell at a discount to you.
  • Carpet & Flooring Selection. What is the breadth of the carpet selection they are able to display and how many sample boards do they have out.
  • Licensed and Bonded? Not all flooring companies will install but the smart mom and pop store will have figured out they can control their product application better by installing themselves.
  • Reviews. I take reviews with a healthy dose of skepticism and I believe I am pretty good at rejecting the slams reviews which are obvious skews from competitors. Instead I look for a patter of how customers were treated and the what the customer thought of the process.  I will still buy from a company of they reviews mention real people names they have dealt with that I can speak with too. Reviews are a love hate situations for many business but if you meddle through the noise you can quickly see if you have  good to great company to work with.
  • License board complaints. if they are licensed you will be able to check on your choices license. Good companies will plainly display somewhere on the front page their information. Because good companies have worked hard to maintain either  a spotless record or they have handled any complaints to the satisfaction of the board of contractors.

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Is Finding Carpet in Las Vegas a Pull on the Handle?

We have talked about the unusual turn over of the population in Vegas and the tips to keep in mind when looking for a good carpet company. Knowing all that however is your choice still just a gamble or do you have a plan? Over the months we will be building out a directory of carpet companies we can look at to answer this question. First on the board is  Flooring Center USA


Flooring Center USA

4221 W Charleston Blvd

Las Vegas Nevada 89102


Specializing as a Las Vegas Carpet Store and offering a large selection of Carpet, Laminate, Ceramic, Porcelain, Vinyl and other flooring products. Direct link to their Las Vegas Carpet Store Facebook page is here at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Flooring-Center-USA/145963495557217?fref=ts

Located on Charleston Boulevard in Las Vegas, Flooring Center USA occupies a 6000 to 9000 foot building with one of the largest of not the largest showroom in Las Vegas. They feature over one hundred Carpet and flooring displays on their showroom floor. A help counter and several support personnel face the showroom so you’ll always have eye contact with someone behind a desk if needed. You’ll need to access the store parking lot from Vista Dr just 100 feet east of the showroom windows. In back you’ll find a large parking lot and access to the ware house. Licensed and bonded they display their licensing information on every page of their website and have a link to the State of Nevada Contractors Board on their website to let consumers easily find information on their company. A quick search engine search shows over 800 entries. Founded in 1999 they have been in business for over 15 years. The real reviews we found are generally good to great and the two negative reviews were a one word and what I would call a crack pot reviews.  Their claim to fame on their website is to be the Largest Carpet & Flooring Store in Las Vegas.

We found this on YouTube as well